Ocean to Idaho

October 28, 2021, The Egyptian Theatre, Boise, Idaho:  ISEC hosted the Boise premiere of Ocean to Idaho, the creation of trailblazing outdoor journalist, Kris Millgate.  In 2020, Millgate followed thousands of salmon swimming from the mouth of the Columbia River on Oregon’s coast to their spawning grounds in remote Idaho wilderness.   Only a few dozen Chinook salmon survive the grueling 850 mile trip through eight dams, four rivers and three states to lay eggs once in Idaho’s Yankee Fork of the Salmon River.  Millgate left civilization and her family in the COVID summer of 2020 to live and work solo in a truck-camper combo to capture their story.  Through the tales of her personal journey as well as the film, Millgate enthralled the audience at the historic Egyptian Theatre in downtown Boise.

“Migrating salmon take a beating coming home and so did I,” says Kris Millgate, Tight Line Media  CEO. “I didn’t want my challenges taking over the screen so I moved my struggles to the printed page and dedicated the film to showcasing salmon. They’re disappearing in the Pacific Northwest and that's bigger than anything I'm dealing with.”